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Here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions

Q: What Currency is the GDome Site in?

A: The GDome site is in US Dollars


Q: How do I make payment for my GDome?

A: We use PAYPAL on the GDome Site

*We can also take card payments, if you would like to pay via credit card, please mail and send us a screen shot of your order, so we can make a custom order link for you.


Q: I live overseas, will you be able to ship to me?

A: Yes, we ship WORLD WIDE


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: DHL shipping averages 3-5 days


Q: Is there an option for free shipping?

A: Yes there is, delivery time will be longer


Q: How do I change my shipping address?

A: Send us the correct addrress to

*please note this must be done before we send the package.


Q: How do I track my package?

A: When we ship off your order, we will send you all the tracking details you need.


Q: Will there be duties for my package I order?

A: Duties depend on your country, we do not cover any local duties or taxes.

*Please check your local duties and taxes before placing your order.


Q: What is included in the box I received?

A: 1 x GDome, 1 x spare kit, 1 x Note ( instructions)


Q: How do I look after my GDome?

  •  Try keep the GDome out of direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Rinse your gear in fresh water after every use.
  • Only use a (completely clean) wet microfibre cloth to clean the lens.


Q: What is the differece between the “BASIC” and the “NAKED” GDome for your Hero 5/6

A: The Naked GDome has a front viewing window so you will be able to view your front screen when taking selfies, The BASIC GDome does not have the front viewing window but keeping in mind that you will be able to view everything on your screen on the back of the camera.


Q:What is the difference between the “SUPERSUIT” and the “LENS ON” GDome for the Hero 5/6

A: The SUPERSUIT GDome you will have to remove the front lens of the GoPro before placing the camera into the housing, the LENS ON GDome you can put the full camera into the housing.


Q: How deep can I go with my GDome?

A: With the SUPERSUIT and the LENS ON GDome, you can go to the depth of 30m / 4 BAR.


Q: How do I keep water off the Dome lens?

A: Cover your GDOME in Green Sunlight Dish-Washing Liquid (available from any supermarket) rinse with fresh water and your hands repeat this three times. The aim is to dunk the camera under the water and keep a thin film of water on the lens.


Q: How do I keep my dome from fogging up?

A: Try to put your camera into the GDOME in an environment such as a car or indoors that is away from moist/humid conditions. We like to pump aircon into the dome before putting the camera into the GDome.


Q: Best Modes to use the GDOME with?

A: Use the burst mode, 30/3 (30 photos in 3 seconds) , 12MP wide is always the best option for taking photos.

For video – high frame rates are key so you can slow down the footage.


Q: Can I replace my scratch dome?

A: Yes you can, you can simply order one from us


Q: Can I get an invoice for the unit I am buying?

A: Yes , we can send you one, just ask


Q: Can I attach any pole to my GDome?

A: Yes, you can attach almost any pole can attach to the housing that you will put into your GDome.


Q: What Guarantee does my GDome come with?

A: You will get a FULL 1 year GUARANTEE with your GDome.

We guarantee that your dome will not leak and that our products will work as described.

We will ship out any replacement parts at our expense if your GDome leaks or does not work as described.




Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do accept product returns.

  • The returned product must be in the original condition as sent.
  • The returned product must come with original packaging.
  • You are responsible for getting the product back to us.
  • Once we get the gear back, we will refund you in full less any shipping costs / duties we have had to pay.




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