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GDome Professional Dome System ( of your choice )

The GDome Housing uses a 160mm Dome, this massive dome pushes the waterline away from the lens, creating a space that allows you to capture the split in the water line with unbelievable ease.

This spacing also improves water shots above the water as spray or drops that would have covered most of the lens (ruining the shot or video) are now just a small dot in the field of view.

As the gap between lens and dome moves water particles further away from the camera lens, meaning that underwater images become cleaner and the field of view is drastically improved.

We pressure test every single GDome before they leave the factory, this means that you know the dome you receive will not leak!

Now you can enjoy sharper, cleaner GoPro images at depths that other domes cant even dream of!

Metal Trigger System

You may ask why you need a trigger, the answer is simple: so you can, aim and pull the trigger to start filming / photo-burst or to stop filming.

As this is a metal system you can put your GDOME and Trigger into even the biggest of breakers, without worrying that it may break (like other plastic options out there)!

There are multiple mounting on this rig that can be used for various aplications including light systems, external mic systems and so on.

V3.0 GDome Dive Tray Trigger System

This New Dive Tray offers stability, comfort, added shot proficiency, and a variety of camera mounting options to underwater photographers / videographers.

Fits all small to medium housings including, Ikelite compacts and ultra-compacts, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and even your GoPro!

Included in this package is the tripod adapter, Dive Tray, Trigger System and Threaded Rod to GoPro Adapter and Neoprene Safety Strap..

Replacement Dome for PDS GDome

Scratched or broken your Dome, easy to replace the dome on the GDome.

Neoprene Cover

Made from neoprene, this cover is made to help protect your dome from impact and scratches.

Neoprene Camera Safety Strap

Keep your camera from slipping out of you hand and sinking to the bottom of the ocean, getting washed away by the current, buried by the snow, or even use this nifty strap as a tether on your motorbike or car.



1 x Dome of your choice

1 x Metal Trigger System

1 x V3.0 Dive Tray

2 x Spare Dome Lens

1 x Neoprene Cover

1 x Neoprene Safty Strap

1 x Spares Kit

1 x Clear Shot Gel


*Colour and finish of Dive Tray and backplate might vary from images form site*
**If wanting a speicfic colour, please contact us when placing your order**

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