Dive Tray V3.0 System for all GoPro and DSLR Cameras

$ 49.00 USD

Our Dive Tray V3.0 is finally here! 

Featuring an array of new mounting slots, holes and unique moulded grips. Slightly bigger than our V2.0 Dive Tray (38cm OD), this tray can be used with most DSLR Cameras.

Made from 4mm Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Jet Black, the V3.0 is light and extremely strong. This new Dive Tray offers stability, comfort, added shot proficiency and a variety of camera mounting options to underwater photographers. It’s great for use above the waves as well. Fits all housings, Ikelite compacts and ultra-compacts, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and even your GoPro! Included in this package is the Tripod Adapter.

Made to be used with all GoPro® Hero Cameras (Camera and light system NOT Included).

*Colour and finish of Dive Tray and backplate might vary from images on site*
**If wanting a speicfic colour, please contact us when placing your order**