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GDome Mobile Compatible with GoPro Hero 8

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Product Details


Works with the GoPro Hero 8 Camera

Capture portrait shots

Rear touch functionality

Works with 3rd party external filters and lenses

Individually pressure tested


Waterproof to 10m

Introducing the world's first dome to be tried and tested with the GoPro Hero 8!

When we first got our hands on the Hero 8 we immediately noticed that there would be no possible way to seal the dome onto the backplate with the cameras lens.

We had launched the GDome Mobile and thought we might as well give the Hero 8 a go inside the housing. Installation took a few seconds as we sketched out the outline of the Hero 8 onto the foam insert, then took a blade to cut this shape out. We dropped the camera in, closed the backdoor and tightened up the thumbscrews.

The flexible membrane shaped itself around the camera and allowed us to hit every button as well as see the screen. The touch functionality of the camera screen even worked at the surface.

We sent Chris Rogers off to test out the system and he has been shooting exclusively with this dome ever since! 

Why invest hundreds of dollars in GoPro dome housing that is only compatible with a specific brand? By choosing this dome port, you can share your housing with family and friends.



Images so good you wouldn't think they were shot through a dome

Finding the solution for improving our already great optics posed a challenge from the get-go. We finally got this right with adding to our unique mix of ingredients to give us the perfected GDome optic lens. This V1 dome lens has been successfully used on all of our PDS systems to date. With the release of GDome PDS we took this mix and improved on its makeup. The new V2 lens will go to the market with each unit. The new V2 lens will be implemented across our existing range as soon as we start shipping.

With our open lens design, the sky is the limit!

Use wide-angle lenses, ND filters, CPL filters and more. Filters are an awesome accessory allowing you the freedom to get creative. Adjust the light hitting your camera lens by using a wide range of different lenses and filters. Filters allow you to capture wider apertures for greater depth or adjust shutter speeds for time-based effects. Capture twice the image with wide-angle lenses while the image remains crisp.

The intention of the GDome Hero 8 is to be as user-friendly as possible. With built-in handgrip support, this GDome is very easy to use and feels extremely comfortable in hand. We have made it modular so you can easily add extra items to take the standard setup into a professional rig. Start building yours today!


Once the camera has been placed in position and the backplate secured it’s as easy as point, touch and capture.


·        GDome for GoPro Hero 8

·        2 x Foam Inserts

·        Side Grip

·        Leach

·        Spares Kit

·        Carry Bag



·        Glass-filled nylon body

·        Optically correct 6.1-inch dome lens (excluding flange)

·        Marine-grade stainless steel screws and bolts

·        Total assembled weight 800 grams

·        Length 25cm (9.85 Inches), width 18cm (7 inches) & height 7.5cm (2.95 inches)

Our robust glass-filled nylon housing is made structurally rigid, its torsional rigidity allows the housing to maintain its seal as one descends deeper.


We have spent years and thousands of dollars developing our products.

In order to protect our designs and concepts, we have filed for the following full & or design patents:

US Patent Appl No. 16/562,662

South African Patent Application No. 2019/05878





Shipping, Customs & Duties

International distribution is something we have learned to overcome with great shipping partners. 

International freight does come with its own set of challenges. As a business who has acquired all of the necessary permissions and licensing we abide by all laws and legislation.  With this in mind, we cannot mark any item as a 'gift' or as other items. It is illegal to do so.

Please note import duties and taxes are NOT INCLUDED. These charges vary by country and are not in our control.

We ship the GDome Mobile all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into our website.

You can use this tool to estimate additional costs.

Remember, we are the creators of GDome and GDome Mobile and not international customs, we make no money off local taxes and duties. 

You can use this tool as estimates when determining additional costs in receiving our products.

For absolute peace of mind

We guarantee all of our products and our reviews stand testament to this. All units are hand-assembled, pressure tested and have to pass our quality control measures. We manufacture all of our products in house to ensure the best care is taken right from raw material inspection to final product testing.

The GDome is a waterproof housing made to be used on the surface of the water. Although we have dived to 30ft plus with the GDome, this was purely for testing purposes regardless of the fact it did not leak or damage the camera.

The use of the touch membrane was not designed with great depths in mind.

This membrane was designed with the intention of being a surface waterproof housing for depths that are not deeper than 10m or 30ft with a GoPro Hero 8.



They say Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

Our team makes the GDome dream possible.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, innovation and truly stand behind the products we take to the market.

Other Ways You Can Help

GDOME has established itself in the dome housing market over the last 4 years.  

Please share our content and engage with us - it helps us continue to grow!

We would love to hear from you and see your awesome GDome shots in the near future.


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GDome Mobile Compatible with GoPro Hero 8

GDome Mobile Compatible with GoPro Hero 8