Freewell Trigger Kit V2.0 for all GoPro Cameras

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$ 99.00 USD
$ 59.00 USD

This Pistol Trigger Adapter is the lightest metal trigger on the market with a weight of 4.4 Oz.

While it is super light and exceedingly strong for a GoPro alone, it struggles to endure the GDOME's area and weight in large, rough and violent wave conditions. We thus took it upon ourselves to create a simple upgrade that will allow GDOME users to use their GDOME and Trigger in the biggest of breakers.

 You may be asking why you need a trigger? The answer is simple: So you can aim and pull the trigger to start filming / photo-burst / to stop filming!

 The trigger adapter can take two cameras - one that can be triggered and one underneath, which will face upside-down and cannot be triggered.

 All the parts are made from high-grade metal.

 What's Included:

  • V2 Trigger Adapter

  • V2 Carbon Fiber Grip

  • Wrench Tool

If you want to use the trigger with the Hero 7/6/5 Super Suit, you will need us to modify the trigger! You can also modify it yourself. 

Please select the modification in the drop down menu.