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GDome Brings Professional Water Photography To ALL Smartphones 2023

GDome Brings Professional Water Photography To ALL Smartphones 2023

From GDome Water Housings:

CAPE TOWN, South Africa. – April 29, 2022

GDome Water Housings, a global leader in photographic accessories, is proud to announce the release of its new GDome Mobile Pro Edition designed for use with almost any smartphone and action camera on the market right now.

Worlds first universal dome housing for iPhone 13

GDome developed the world’s first universal waterproof dome housing for smartphones and action cameras back in 2019. The adaption for the use of smartphones was announced on YouTube on Jun 7, 2019. Since then there have been over 123k views of the video with many content creators picking up the product and adding it to their list of gear. Later that month GDome launched their campaign ( and raised $31 396 which was 43% more than what they were asking for backed by 285 people from the crowdsourcing site.

Now in 2022 you can purchase a GDome product and get delivery from DHL shipping that averages 5 - 10 days.

GDome has just launched its latest product, the GDome Mobile Pro Edition which is an improved version of their V1 Mobile Housing. The GDome Mobile Pro Edition protects your smartphone while you're surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, fishing, freediving, kayaking, or simply shooting photos of the kids in the pool.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition Waterproof Case will support iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max as well as other iPhone models and leading smartphone brands. The Mobile Pro Edition also works with action cameras like the GoPro Hero 10 and Osmo Action 2 in one single housing.

Mobile Phone waterproof dome housing case for iPhone 13

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition has been optimised to allow full touchscreen functionality with the iPhone 13’s capacitive touch screen. The Mobile Pro Edition also allows you to use the iPhone's latest features including Macro Mode so you can capture incredible close up details. With the iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode, using cinematic rack focus transitions and enhanced visuals, you can have full control of shooting movies, including capturing up to 2.2 times more light in low light situations. The Mobile Pro Edition also allows you to use all three lenses: ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto, giving you the most creative freedom possible.

“We know that phones and action cameras are changing all the time. Buying a water housing for your smartphone is a big investment and we know that phones are improving at a crazy pace. We believe that you shouldn’t have to invest in a new housing every time you upgrade your phone, we are making professional water-based photographic equipment feasible and affordable to everyone, allowing creators to take their content to the next level” says Brett Eagle Managing Director.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition has a USA MSRP of just US$149 and is available through its online store at

Waterproof phone case for split shot photography

About GDome:

GDome, a leader in the design and manufacture of water-based photography accessories for action water sports, fashion, advertising, and lifestyle, was founded in 2016. We've focused on functionality and affordability since the outset, delivering a variety of universal and quality Dome Housings and accessories. Professional and amateur photographers alike use GDome products to shoot advertising, surfing, sailing, seascape art, fashion, fishing, and more. GDome is a worldwide known brand in action water sports, with a headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa with a worldwide distribution network.

For more information about the GDome Mobile Pro Edition or GDome please visit or check them out on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

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