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Get FREE GDome XL Surf Edition. Challenge!

Get FREE GDome XL Surf Edition. Challenge!

We know that our GDome XL Surf Edition is in a class of its own.

There are simply no competitors out there that can do what our housings can do at our price point and we know that.

Cocky, we know...

To show you this we have created a challenge! 

And, we are willing to eat some humble pie.

How do you get your free GDome XL Surf Edition?

It's quite simple.

We want you to try find a competitor to the GDome XL Surf Edition that has the same features, functionality

and included accessories 

for a better price than the GDome XL ($599).



✔️ Universal Housing Design that works with different DSLR & Mirrorless camera brands, makes and models

✔️ Rigid Core Housing to mount lights, GoPro Cameras and protect the camera in heavy conditions

✔️ Flexible Rear Backdoor for perfect rear touch functionality to change settings and do more with your camera

✔️ Built in trigger System for single hand operation.

✔️ Fully customisable to take internal power banks, live streaming devices and more!



✔️ Works with hundreds of different lenses

✔️ Modular with multiple extension port and lens element configurations

✔️ 5m depth rating with soft backdoor, pressure tested to 18m with solid backdoor

✔️ Comes standard with inter interchangeable side grip  

✔️ Comes standard with a dome port extention and element
✔️ Comes standard with a flat port extention and element
✔️ Innovative backer bar to lock your camera in place in the housing for rough conditions

Included Accessories

✔️ 6.1 Inch Dome Lens

✔️ Dome Lens Cover

✔️ 135mm Flat Lens Element

✔️ Flat Extension Port

✔️ Flexible Backdoor

✔️ 2 x Flexible Membranes

✔️ Solid Backdoor

✔️ Pistol Grip Trigger System

✔️ Wrist Leash

✔️ O-ring Lubrication

✔️ Tool Kit

✔️ Finger Screws

✔️ 2.5mm Camera Cables

✔️ Custom Backer Plate

✔️ Base Plate

✔️ Camera Mount Screw

... and much more!


All for less than $599

Think you have found a competitor that ticks all the boxes?

Send us the link to that product

(be sure that is has ALL of the features, functionality and included accessories that the GDome XL Surf Edition comes standard with)

If we find that you are correct and it matches up to the XL Surf Edition,

we will send you one for FREE!

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Steven Ambiel - October 20, 2022

I’m interested, Will it fit Nikon D850
With a 14/24 ?

Guilherme - September 29, 2022

I have a dicapac. I got it to a very dusty environment actually, did not there to put it in so much water yet. This one does look more solid and to have more features. At this price range it does look the best! I would need to try one and see how it fits the Sony A1 and several lenses. Cheers

Tim - September 29, 2022

Does it count if you made your own modular design with carbon fiber and dome for free?


Andrew - September 29, 2022

Accessories should include a disclaimer that they’re not actually accessories and it may aswell be the part listing for the equipment itself, because you have to assemble it – yourself!

Honestly – I’ve gotten so many ads from you guys that I will go halves with ya, $400 and I’ll credit g-dome as the housing used for each of my photo posts😄

Kerstin Schneider - September 19, 2022

100 % share the opinion of the first to guys that commented. I bought the waterproof camera bag by Dicapack, because I didn’t want to spend so much before I wasn’t sure I was into underwater photography. Now I really wish I had a GDome with me…

Rob Pirie - September 19, 2022

Definitely can’t find one , will it take a Canon 1DMK 11

Leandro Menezes - September 19, 2022

🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m not even going to start looking. I don’t have the money to buy one, but earning one of these thinking it’s a better one is more difficult. 🤣🤣🤣 Final result… “There was no winner!”

Leandro Menezes - September 15, 2022

🤦🏻‍♂️ I won’t even start looking. I don’t have the money to buy one, but getting one of these for free, finding a competitor is even more difficult. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Final result… “Nobody won!”

Scott Johnston - September 13, 2022

There isn’t one that comes close to the XL Surf at that price

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