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The Best GDome Tips

The Best GDome Tips

The Best GDome Tips

Quick Keep it interesting - Make sure there is something interesting both above and below the waterline  Using a GDome in the water not guarantee a awesome photo. Make sure there is some thing eye-grabbing above or / and below the surface to make a great photo.

Use a high frame rate for GDome video – Split shot video looks awesome in slow motion. Normal footage from can be messy. In order to get the silky slow motion on your underwater shots, you need to record at a frame rate of at least 60 frames per second (the higher the better), you edit it into slow-motion later. 

Use the split level line on the back of the  GDome – Our Domes have a line on the back indicating where the halfway point is. Use that line to line up shots, our dome also allow you to view the rear screen of the GoPro, which will also help you line up the best shot.

The Best GDome Tips

Centre your shot – Try centre interesting backgrounds / subjects. 

The Best GDome Tips

Don’t Shoot Directly into the Sun – If possible keep the sun at your back or up at 12 Clock this will help prevent reflection and ensure that photos are not over exposed. Or do ;) You will have to play with your angles to get the perfect sunset shot! 

The Best GDome Tips

Shoot RAW Photo Files – This will help get more detail and quality out of your photos. Shooting RAW photo files will help you bring back detail in post production (Lightroom or Photoshop).

The Best GDome Tips

Use burst mode – Burst mode allows you to take full quality images over different time periods. Taking screen shots from video footage results in low quality images.  

Quick Check List

Make sure you are following these essential GDome Tips

  • Use the burst mode, 30/3 (30 photos in 3 seconds), 12MP wide is always the best option for taking photos.  
  • Protune has proved to be very useful with GDome shots.  
  • We also like the HDR feature of the New GoPro Hero 7  For video
  • High frame rates are key so you can slow down the footage.
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