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Water Droplet Preventer Gel for Dome Ports and Flat Lens Elements (Single)

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Is there always one water droplet on your dome lens that ruins your shot? To help you keep your dome and lens free of water droplets, we're introducing an unique anti-water droplet gel.

The GDome anti-water-droplet gel is the first water-droplet preventer built specifically for the lens element of your housing.

Our solution differs from a hydrophobic solution such as Rain-X, which does not prevent smaller water droplets from adhering to your dome port or flat lens element.

The chemical formula in GDome's solution causes water to attach to the lens element, forming a flawless thin layer of water across the entire lens.

Both salt and fresh water work perfectly with our solution.


Our anti-water-droplet gel comes in a handy spray container that you can carry in the water with you and use as needed.

Each small 100ml bottle has around 100 uses.

The GDome Anti Water Droplet Gel is an environmentally friendly and completely safe way to keep your dive mask from fogging up.

It will fit in your camera bag because to its small size and may be used on any camera housing lens.

Instead of damaging your lens with harsh chemical compounds like Rain-X, use our GDome anti water droplet gel to keep it free of water droplets.


  1. Apply a few sprays to your dome or flat port and rub them in carefully with a clean hand (free of oils like sunscreen!).
  2. Wash the gel from the GDome by submerging it in water. As needed, repeat two or three times more.
  3. Apply another application to the lens and let it dry.
  4. When you arrive at the location where you wish to shoot, rinse the lens element without touching it.
  5. Completely submerge the lens in water and remove it; there should be a thin coating of water covering the lens with no water droplets.
  6. To attain the best effects, add more sprays as needed. 
When shooting split level images with this method, you won't get any water droplets on your dome or flat lens element! 

The Water-droplet Preventer comes in 100ml bottles.