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We are looking for dealers all over the world.

Do you sell / distribute similar products or want to get GDome into your store, distribution chain or put it online?

Take a look at our Retail Conditions and send us an email, if you're interested.

The Offer

In order to grow our brand and reach more customers worldwide, we are now starting to cooperate with selected dealers.

Meaningful & close relationships with our customers has always been our focus. We will continue to offer the best customer service and support to all new customers.

We will directly help you and your customers with any questions, remarks or complaints about our products, we encourage you to forward those directly to us.

In order to meet the highest standards in customer service, we strive to have a close and long-lasting relationships with all of our dealers. Dealers will always have  direct contact with one of the owners and can reach us 7 days a week.

The Numbers:
Get a sample: In order to review our product, we will send you samples of all our our key products. We charge a fee of $399 including shipping for these samples. 

Pricing: Our suggested retail prices are displayed on our Online Store

We can offer the following wholesale prices:


 Minimum Order Quantity Discount
10 30%
20 33%
50 40%
100+ POA


We have got limited stock on hand, just in time for holiday season!

We will arrange shipping and legal affairs together with you, after you have seen the sample and are ready to place your order.


We’re putting a lot of attention in building our brand. We will assist and encourage you to do your own marketing campaigns, while maintaining our brands values.

We will provide you with all different types of digital marketing materials that you need. You can imagine an endless dropbox folder full of videos and photos...

If you are interested, please mail:

We're looking forward to work together!