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Kite Line Mount Instructions

Congratulations on buying the best Kite Line Mount out there!

Here are some basic step by step instructions to install our awesome mount onto your 4 / 5 Line Kite. 


This is what you will get with your package. 

Kite Line Mount V2

1 x Kite Line Mount 

1 x Low Profile Nut And Bolt 

2 x Line Lock Off Arms

Step 1)

Attach your camera

Kite Line Mount V2 Instructions

The camera will fit perfectly into the mounting bracket, make sure it is facing the correct direction - lens facing away from the mount.

KiteLine Mount V2 Instructions

Slide the bolt into the mount, hold the nut in the recess, finger tighten the bolt. 

a hand holding a cellphone

Make sure the camera is angled correctly.

Take a screwdriver and tighten the bolt as much as possible, the camera should now not be able to move. 

You can use a thumbscrew, however we like to use the low profile bolt as there is no way for lines to catch or wrap.

Step 2)

Kitelinemount V2.0

Find the split in your lines - follow this split until the shape of the lines match the shape of the mount. 

Step 3)

Kite Line Mount DIY

a close up of a white wall

Insert the lines into the Line Lock Off Arms

Step 4)

Installing the Kite Line Mount

Kite Line Mount Installed

Insert the Line Lock Off Arms into the mount, BE SURE TO REVERSE the Arm so that the line is not facing the open slot (if you do this the wrong way, your mount will fall off the lines!

Full Installed Kite Line Mount

Push the Arms in as far as possible, they will be locked in place.

Step 5)

(Only If you have our new Velcro Safety Strap)

Kite Line Mount Safety Strap

Make sure to put it on this exact position, that way it locks in the lines 

Installed Kite Line Mount V2.0

Removing the Arms 

Removing the Kite Line Mount

Put your finger into the strings attached to the arms, hold the mount and pull until the arm comes out.