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GDome is dedicated to providing exceptional after-sales support for all our industry-leading underwater housings. We collaborate with local authorised service agents to ensure reliable backup support and repair services whenever needed.

For your convenience, you can download the product and support manuals for our underwater housing products by clicking on the link below. We continuously update this section to include the latest information on new models as soon as it becomes available.

This page contains the most recent setup guides and instruction manuals for all GDome products. Please scroll down to find the manual for your particular product, or click on the product category option below, as the manuals are organised by product category.


GDome XL

XL 3  User Manual (PDF)
Trigger Setup XL3 Surf (Video) | XL3 Fusion (Video)
Accessory Setup How To Mount Accessories (Video)



GDome Mobile 3 & 2 

Mobile 3 & 2 User Manual (PDF)
Getting Started Getting Started (Video)
Side Grip Setup Installing The Side Grip (Video)
Phone Setup Cutting The Foam For Your Device (Video)
Closing The Unit Ensure A Good Side Seal (Video)
Prevent Reflection How To Prevent Reflection (Video)
Saver Cover Setup How To Install The Saver Cover (Video)
Clip-Lock Tape Setup How To Stop Your Phone Falling Out (Video)
80mm Extension Port Setup How To Install The 80mm Extension Port (Video)
Prevent Fogging How To Prevent Fogging In Your Housing (Video)
Prevent Water Droplets

How To Prevent Water Droplets (Video)