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What are the best GoPro Hero 10 Dome Cases

What are the best GoPro 11 Black dome cases in 2023?

What are the best GoPro 11 dome cases?


Get next level content with the best GoPro Hero 11 Black dome cases we have in this guide. Get the most out of your $500 GoPro 10 when you have all the top options laid out in front of you.

Sure, the GoPro 11 is constructed from top materials, and it already has an 10 meter / 33 feet IP68 rating for water resistance. But if you want to capture split shots and improve the water based content of your GoPro 11 Black, you are going to need a dome port. 

Some of these GoPro Dome cases are devoted to allow the GoPro 11 Black to go to greater depths, but that does come at an extra cost as they come with a removable dive housing. Other GoPro dome cases are universal and can be used with your Hero 11 as well as your smartphone. There are also cheaper cases that are simpler and yet still offer usage to 10m / 33ft. All of these cases have a bunch of extra features that we will talk about in our list below.

From entry level to advanced housings, here are the latest GoPro 11 dome cases to put on your shortlist. And if you've not got your GoPro yet, make sure to check out the this link to get the best deal on a brand new GoPro Hero 10.

What is the best GoPro Dome case?

At the top of the heap you’ll find the SuperDive, which sports a glass filled nylon  body, removable 40m dive housing, and a sleek 6 inch dome port lens. This is the best in class, specific dome housing for the GoPro 11. When it comes to overall design choices, there’s an awful lot to like about this dome case, it's compatible with a plethora of GoPro mounts such as poles and grips. The 40m / 133 feet depth rating and removable dive housing is the key feature of this Dome case for the GoPro 11.

What’s better than waterproof protection up to 40 meters or 133 feet? How about a structural design that allows you to remove the dive housing from the actual dome housing, allowing you to use the included dive housing independently from the dome case. As the SuperDive allows you to use all of the buttons on the the Hero 11 while in use, you can change modes, turn the camera on and off and fire the shutter button while below the surface of the water. The SuperDive dome case has your device covered across the board. 

Looking to spend a little less on a dome case for your GoPro 11 as you don't dive deeper than 10m / 33 feet and don't wan't to put your GoPro into a housing? Then the Advance is the ideal dome case for you. The Advanced case is plug and play with your Hero 11 and allows you to have full access to all buttons and the rear screen of the GoPro (when above the surface of the water). 

Want to get a universal case that you can use for your Hero 11 and smartphone? Then the GDome Mobile Pro is the housing for you. The unique universal dome design allows you to swap and change between hundreds of different devices. Buying this device will allow you to use your dome case even if you upgrade your device to the Hero 12 in the future. Being a universal unit, it does have its limitations as you can only go to 5 meter / 16 feet depths and you will need a foam insert for every device you want to use in the case so make sure you order a few spares.
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