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What does a GoPro Dome do?

What does a GoPro Dome do?

What does a GoPro Dome do?

Have you ever seen and wondered how some people get those crystal clear shots that show epic scenes where you can see above the water and below it?
What you need is a GoPro Dome port by GDome!
It's an acrylic dome-shaped cover that encases your GoPro or action camera and allows you to capture those incredible under/over shots in one click, It's that simple. The GDome displaces the water out and away from your camera's lens to make these shots possible.
It's an essential accessory to have, but it does take some practice.
GoPro makes a lot of excellent accessories for their action cameras. Unfortunately, the Dome port is not one of them.
Even so, We have you covered for that no matter which GoPro you have. Hero 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 or 10
GDome GoPro Dome
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Quick tips when using a Dome
GDome GoPro Dome
The Dome, given its shape and material, bounces off the light and lets more light into the GoPro lens. Photos tend to look too bright or overexposed. Photos may also show reflections from the dome lens. A simple solution is to take photos with the sun behind you. That way, there's no direct light bouncing into your camera and affecting the image quality of your shot. If you shoot under direct sunlight, there's no way of getting rid of lens flare or reflections.
Consider basic compositional rules, like the rule of thirds or creating depth.
Framing is a little more tricky thing, especially since you want to capture both under and over the water.
If you have one available, practice in a pool to get used to the shots and experiment with the different angles and different shooting modes you can use. Changing the Field of View settings on Photo and Video modes can also help in getting the right framing that you prefer.
Water Spots
Water spots can ruin any photo, and it's still possible to get them with the Dome. Rubbing anti-fog solution or hydrophobic coating can help water beads slide off the dome. Make sure you rub it gently to avoid scratching the Dome.
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The Dome port is an extension of your camera, so make sure it's as clean and maintained as your GoPro. As soon as you're done filming in salt water, wash the dome off with clean water to keep the salt from eroding your Dome and all the parts. Salt water spots are also very difficult to remove, so washing with fresh water will keep it from staining.
Make sure that the Dome is completely dry and free of moisture before storing the Dome back in it's protective bag. Again, this prevents parts from corroding or leaving spots on the Dome. Store in its included cover or case to prevent scratches and breakage.
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