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Camera Lens Water Droplet Preventer (Bulk Pack)

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For absolute peace of mind

We guarantee all of our products and our reviews stand testament to this. All units are hand-assembled, pressure tested and have to pass our quality control measures. We manufacture all of our products in house to ensure the best care is taken right from raw material inspection to final product testing.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition is a waterproof housing made to be used on the surface of the water. Although we have dived to 30ft plus with the GDome Mobile, this was purely for testing purposes regardless of the fact it did not leak or damage the phones.

The use of the touch membrane was not designed with great depths in mind.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition was designed with the intention of being a surface waterproof housing for depths that are not deeper than 5m or 15ft.

Do you always have that one water droplet on your dome lens that ruins your shot? We are introducing a special anti water droplet gel to assist you in keeping your dome and lens free from water droplets. 

The GDome anti water droplet gel is the first water spot drop preventer that’s designed for your housings lens element. 

Our solution is different to that of a hydrophobic solution like Rain-X, which does not stop the smaller water droplets from clinging on to your dome port or flat lens element. 

GDome’s solution has a chemical formula that causes water to rather stick to the lens element, making a perfect thin film of water over the entire lens.

Our solution works perfectly with both salt and fresh water.


Our anti water droplet gel comes in a convenient spray bottle so that it can be taken in the water with you and applied as needed.

Each bottle has roughly 100 uses per one small 100ml.

The GDome Anti Water Droplet Gel is eco-friendly and completely safe
to use in your dive mask and will help prevent fogging up.

Thanks to its compact size it will fit in your camera bag and can be used on any camera housings lens.

Don't damage your lens by using harsh chemical compounds like Rain-X, use our GDome anti water droplet gel to keep your lens clear from water droplets.


  1. Add a few sprays onto your dome or flat port and rub it in thoroughly with a clean hand (free from any oils - such as sunblock!).
  2. Dunk the GDome into the water, washing off the gel.
  3. Repeat two or three times as desired. 
  4. Add one more coat and let it dry on the lens. 
  5. When you get to the spot you want to shoot at, rinse the lens element off with out touching it with your hands. 
  6. Dunk the lens under water completely and bring it back up, there should be a thin layer of water covering the lens with no water droplets. 
  7. Add additional sprays as required in order to achieve optimal results. 

With this method, you won't have any water droplets on your GDome or GoPro when shooting your favourite shots!

Each Water-droplet Preventer is 100ml.