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Mobile 3

The World's First Universal Underwater Water Housing for Smartphones, Action Cameras, & 360-degree Cameras.

$ 95.00 USD

Pick Your Setup

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Unbeatable value for money.
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experience The Housing You Need

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_Extended Edition Mobile V2 PRO with 80mm Extension Port Combo Deal

Remarkable Modularity

Unlock the potential of your Mobile 3 with compatibility across thousands of smart phones, action cameras, and even 360 cameras.

Tailor your setup precisely to your preferences: opt for an internal Bluetooth remote shutter, a side grip, and  enjoy the flexibility of shooting with a flat lens or our world renowned dome ports. 

Don't want to use your wide angle lens to shoot split shots? No problem...  Our 80mm extension port seamlessly integrates with the Mobile 3 and can be used with both dome and flat lens elements, ensuring versatility and exceptional performance.

Futureproof Your Housing 

Ensure your housing stays ahead of the curve with the GDome Mobile 3.

As smart phone, action camera, and 360 camera technology evolve and new products hit the market, say farewell to the need for frequent housing upgrades.

Our kit is designed to seamlessly adapt to your ever-changing gear landscape, guaranteeing you're equipped to capture the thrill of each new wave as it breaks.

Saving you money and putting you first.

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_Dome Housing / Case for the Sony RXII

New Side Sealing System 

The side seal is considered one of the best and safest seals for water housings for several reasons:

Watertight Integrity: Side seals provide excellent watertight integrity, ensuring that no water can penetrate the housing and damage the camera or other equipment inside.

Durability: Our side seal are often made from high-quality silicone, which is durable and resistant to wear and tear. This ensures that the seal remains effective over time, even with repeated use in harsh underwater environments.

Ease of Use: Our side seal is a simple open-and-close system that is easy to use and maintain.

Consistent Pressure Distribution: Side seals distribute pressure evenly along the length of the seal, which helps to maintain a tight seal even under changing water pressures. This reduces the risk of leaks, particularly at greater depths where water pressure is higher.

Mobile 3

An absolute "no brainer" for content creators

We took our extremely popular GDome Mobile and completely REDESIGNED it from the ground up in order to improve functionality, compatibility, ease of use, and a whole lot more! This is the best of the best. The GDome Mobile Pro water housing is another level of AWESOME... Our ultimate universal housing, ready to shoot out of the box.

Meet the dome water housing that you won't want to leave at home all summer, whether it's to the beach, lake, or swimming pool, the GDOME MOBILE PRO Pro Edition is the dome that will get you the shot. We took everything great about the GDOME Mobile and made it just that much better. With its 6.1-inch dome and flat port/extension port options, the possibilities are endless.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition works amazingly well with action cameras and most smartphones, including the iPhone, Samsung, and other leading brands.

The GDome Mobile Pro is injection-molded with some of the strongest engineering materials on the planet. Our dome lenses are made of high-impact polycarbonate. All of our bolts are 316 stainless steel to protect against saltwater corrosion. 

Our rear screen and seals are custom-molded specifically for us, from silicone. Silicone has close to zero memory and excellent resistance to weathering and UV exposure; it also lasts approximately four times longer than rubber. We do not use glued seals in the GDome Mobile Pro. Clips are convenient and efficient, however, the bolts we use are failproof in rough conditions and cannot be accidentally opened when in the water. 

With side grip, foam insert, dome port and accessories = approx. 800g 

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• Works with hundreds of different smartphones
• Optimized touch functionality for capacitive touch screens
• Compatible with action cameras, including all GoPro Cameras
• Comes standard with a dome port
• Protects your device from corrosion 
• Compatible with our 80mm extension lens
• Capture portrait shots, wide angle shots and more
• Capture 3D images
• Drastically improved rear touch functionality compatible with capacitive touch screens
• Works with third-party external filters and lenses
• Compatible with multiple lenses camera phones
• Go LIVE on social media
• Individually pressure tested
• Floats
• Depth Rated to 5m / 15 feet

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Customer Feedback

Had a few mobile domes before but all didn't last very long from rumble and tumble of travelling.

GDome is super sturdy and its build real tough, so far so good!


Kuan C.


Nice product, good price, and excellent customer service. When looking for an underwater housing for cameras or phones, they are pricey. So I gave this GDOME a try. I like the results. 

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_Dome Housing / Case for the GoPro Hero 9 Black

Rachel M.


I love my new toy. 

Good experience from start to finish; awesome customer service, looking at add ons now ! I cant wait to shoot more with my GDome Mobile!

Rob B.


What an awesome tool! I really love this thing.

I use it primarily for swimming photos and videos for my local health club. Looking forward to shooting more with it! 


Antonio M.


GDome is a name I trust. Excellent quality, distortion free, well designed lens elements from a company that actually uses and continually improves its innovations.

GDome 3 review

Joe B.


The GDome Mobile 3 is fantastic and super easy to use! I Highly recommend it!


Lyons L.


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