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NEW Metal (stand alone) Shutter Trigger System for GoPro Cameras (Please Select Your Camera)

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Original price
$ 79.00 USD
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You may be asking why you need a GoPro Shutter System?

The answer is simple: So you can aim and pull the shutter release to start filming / photo-burst / to stop filming!

Why metal? Simply put, metal does not break! With the added weight and size of a GDome dome port, a small wave could and most likely would snap a plastic GoPro Trigger / shutter, with our metal trigger, we guarantee it never to break when in use. 

There are three mounting options on our trigger system that can be used for various applications, such as additional cameras (shooting in different modes), light systems or external mic systems or more.


  • 1 x Standalone GDome Metal Shutter Release


  • CNC Aluminium plating

The shutter release system will come with bendable triggers:

For the perfect fit you will need to mount the camera, tighten it up and bend the trigger using pliers (use a cloth over the pliers to ensure you don't scratch the paint).

Compatible with GDome PDS Dome Housings (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE GDOME MOBILE).

*Camera or any other accessories NOT included*

This shutter is compatible with the GDome SuperDive Housing for the GoPro Hero 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 - it may require a trigger adjustment which can be easily done with some pliers. 

Please note that the colour and finishes of the trigger system and grip may vary according to production batches, If you have a specific trigger requirements please let us know before placing your order. 

Customer Reviews

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Richard P.
GoPro trigger

Aloha I just got my trigger, I haven’t used it yet, hopefully tomorrow. I like the build and design, built strong and I know it’ll handle in big shore breaks on the north shore on Oahu Hawaii. The trigger mechanism works really well with my GoPro hero 10 camera. I like that there’s an option to put a little o-ring rubber for recoil on the trigger. The only downside I think of this trigger is that it’s on the heavier side. If you get pounded in big shorebreak, you’re going to have to hold it away from you, or you might get knocked out or seriously hurt if it hits your head. Other than that it’s a sick trigger design. Maybe in the future you guys can make a lighter trigger preferably with a stronger plastic or all aluminum?(same design) Just my thoughts here. Keep up the great work! Aloha Richard 😎🤙🏻

Thanks for the review Richard

It is a seriously solid trigger made to handle the heaviest shorebreaks!

Thanks for the feedback; we are always looking for ways to improve.

We will definitely look into alternative material options in the future.