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Wireless shutter trigger hub for GDome XL

Original price $ 69.00 USD - Original price $ 69.00 USD
Original price
$ 69.00 USD
$ 69.00 USD - $ 69.00 USD
Current price $ 69.00 USD

This remote hub is required for to allow the two-stage trigger to shutter

This trigger system is unique as it allows the user to fully adjust the focus and shutter points in the trigger pull.

You can set the exact point at which you want your camera to focus, and you can also adjust the shutter position as well.

This system comes with a complete trigger hub and cabling. The trigger-to-trigger hub mechanism is wireless, meaning there are no holes in the housing for cables running into the housing. The system comes with a female TRS 2.5mm jack that is plug-and-play with any 2.5mm TRS male camera cables.