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Kite Line Mount V1.0 for ALL GoPro Cameras - Mounts

Kite Line Mount V1.0 for ALL GoPro Cameras

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Product Details

The Kite Line Mount has been designed and tested by a few of South Africa's best kiteboarders.

STABLE, STRONG and AFFORDABLE, this Xtreme Kite Line Mount is a simple design made to fit Hero 2 / 3 / 3+ / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / Session / Fusion Cameras.

By attaching your centre kite lines to the mount using our unique elastic band design, the mount will not slide along your lines. It is capable of withstanding any wipe-out, as well as your biggest unhooked tricks. Since elastics are cheap and available worldwide, small clips and inserts are easily replaceable. This mount is generally made to be used with 4-line and 5-line kites.

Check it out at @kitelinemount on Instagram.


  1. When installing the mount on your CENTRE LINES, ensure they are not tangled and that the mount is placed above any swivels.
  2. Place the mount with the camera attached and secured in the position that best imitates the arc of the line mount.
  3. Place the mount facing the correct direction.
  4. Place one of the centre lines into either the top or bottom line groove; hook the elastic band onto a peg of the mount; start wrapping it around tightly so that it pinches the line in the groove; re-hook the elastic onto the peg when a number of loops have been made and there is little elastic left to use. Repeat this procedure with the other peg, so that the line is securely running the length of the mount.
  5. Put the other centre line into the line groove on the opposite side chosen for Step 3 (either top or bottom) and continue as per step 3.
  6. The camera should now be sitting in the middle of the lines and the elastics and centre lines should now be tightly in place on the mount.
  7. To make this mount permanent, take four small cable ties and zip them tightly over the elastics from the earlier steps. Trim the excess zip ties as low and smoothly as possible. You can then simply roll your mount up after use with your lines. This will allow you to attach and detach your camera, meaning that you will not have to do the previous steps every time you set up.
  8. Always try to rinse off (with freshwater) and dry the lines and mount after use.
  9. Turn your camera on and go big!

Installation should take 2 minutes. 

You can also use the Kite Line Mount to carry light systems, such as the Lume Cube.

The Kite Mount can also be used as a Wake Handle Mount - Simply add a 90-degree adapter to your order.

Made to be used with all GoPro® Hero Cameras

*It is always recommended to use a tether.*

Proudly South African: Designed, tested and made in South Africa.

New V2.0 Kite Line Mount now available!

Kite Line Mount V2.0 for All GoPros and other Action Cameras - Default

Introducing the all new Kite Line Mount V2.0, with new line holding inserts installation has never been easier!

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