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Do waterproof phone cases float 2023?

Do waterproof phone cases float 2023?

With waterproof and floating device cases, you can keep your iPhone or Android device safe on your boat or in the water.

The majority of boaters don't leave the dock without their iPhones or other smartphone gadgets. We use them to take pictures, use navigation applications, text, and post updates to Facebook and Instagram, and we even use them to make phone calls from time to time.

Have you been anxious about your iPhone falling into water? It's possible that you could drop it in the water by accident, or that one of the kids will. Initially you might think that you only required a waterproof cover to protect it, but you will soon see that you also require a floating case to ensure that it would not sink to the bottom of the river, dam or ocean! 

Fortunately, there are a number of companies on the market that provide waterproof or floating case options that are ideal for boaters.

Waterproof iPhone cases like the GDome Mobile Pro allow you to capture images while in the water without fear of damaging your device. The GDome Mobile Pro is also buoyant so will float if accidentally dropped in water. 

What to Look for When Buying Waterproof Phone Cases

Many waterproof phone cases are built to work with your device's functionality, allowing you to utilize the touchscreen, camera, and other controls. The majority of phone covers are thin, light, and robust, ensuring that your smartphone is completely protected from the elements. 

Even if your iPhone is protected by a waterproof cover, if it doesn't float, it will sink to the bottom of the water. If you're out on the ocean and it's not perfectly clear, this could be a problem. Look for cases that are composed of soft, buoyant foam and that can be slipped over the case. A quick-release lanyard or wrist strap is also useful.

Pouches that are resistant to water are also becoming more popular as a result of their universal fit. Pouches with a lanyard or belt make it convenient to use on the boat or while participating in watersports.

When you consider how you use your iPhone or iPad on the water, investing in a waterproof or floating case to preserve your device (and all of its vital data) is well worth the money.

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