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Preset installation guide for Lightroom Mobile App


1. Download Lightroom Mobile App.  iOS or Android

2. Open Lightroom CC Desktop App. Your LR CC Desktop App is necessary to import and sync Lightroom Presets with your mobile App.

Don't know how to install Lightroom Presets in Lightroom CC Desktop App? >> read manual

3. Make sure that your Lightroom Desktop / Mobile applications are synced with your Creative Cloud account.

4. Select the "cloud icon" upper right corner and check if syncing is active or paused. Please activate if necessary.



5. Open Lightroom Mobile App.

6. Select an image you want to edit.

7. Scroll all the way to the right (develop settings) and select the "Presets" tab.


8. A new window will open showing you the very first Preset folder in the list. In this example, it's "Color". If you want to see an overview of all active Preset folders just close the "Color folder" by clicking the name.

9. Lightroom Mobile comes with many pre-installed Presets. If you only want to work with your personal favorites or even create new Presets you can manage these settings by selecting the three dots °°° upper right corner.

10. Select "Manage Presets". Make sure that "Show Partially Incompatible Presets" is checked.  

11. Select the Preset folders you want to work with and click "Done".


*Source : https://bit.ly/2veFaGY

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