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XL Underwater | Waterproof | Water Housing for Panasonic Cameras

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Game changer

The membrane back plate system has been a game changer for me. Swimming in the ocean mainly around sunrises gives me the ability to change settings as the light changes. Being able to adapt to fast changing conditions is when the best work happens

Thanks for this awesome review, Pierre!

We are a huge fan of your work ( and are beyond proud to know that you are using one of our XL 3 Housings!

We appreciate you!

william Evans
Fantastic bit of kit

Have been using the XL surf housing with the dome and flat port for a year or so now and it hasn't missed a beat. Over that time I've had different camera upgrades and I've not needed to change the housing which has been great. Solid and robust and the flexi back door is invaluable when you need to tweak camera settings.

Brett Eagle
Awesome Housing

This review is a little bit biassed, as I am the cofounder and developer of the GDome XL range. I started using the GDome XL Surf with my 5D iii and am now using it exclusively with the Sony RX10 iv. The XL requires the 80mm extension port for the RX10 IV. I mainly shoot with the flat port on the 80mm extension port; it is easy to keep water droplets off, and I can still shoot split shots due to the gap between the camera lens and flat port. I have seriously pushed the housing in big, heavy waves, and yes, I only use the Flex back door. It is unbelievable how strong and flexible that membrane is! If you want to see more content, I have taken with the XL, or if you have any direct questions, hit me up on Instagram @BrettEagleZA

kenneth smith

Construction is good I have questions on the wiring of switch when use supplied cables and camera is switched to photo it starts video it does not shoot stills trued two different cameras ,any suggestions??

Hello Kenneth
Thank you for the 5-star review.
The shutter function varies from brand to brand; it sounds like it is a camera setting.
Please reach out to the support team, and we will gladly troubleshoot with you.

Good choice economically

This works, but you have to be careful. I have taken some great shots with it. It is suited for surf shots for sure, you cannot take shots two feet down easily due to buoyancy issues. I really like it for what I do.

Thanks for the 4-star review, Robert.
While we would have loved it to be 5 stars, we appreciate your honest feedback.
The XL housing is definitely buoyant out of the box. We have designed the ports to accept internal weights in order to allow our users to adjust the buoyancy of the housing. This will add to the weight of the housing, which is not ideal for those wanting to shoot surf photography, but for someone like you who shoots whales and needs to shoot under water, it is definitely the way to go.

Please drop us a line, and we will schedule a call to assist you in getting your XL dialled in for your use.

Please note, this product is on a 2 week lead time. 


- The GDome XL is the perfect housing for any beginner looking to get their DSLR | Mirrorless camera into the water for the first time without breaking the bank and yet getting a comprehensive underwater housing kit that can be used for a number of different camera brands and lenses. As our housing is universal, you will not have to buy a new housing or ports as you upgrade you cameras and lenses (as long as they will fit in our housing). 

- Advanced underwater photographers/videographers that already have professional kits could use the GDome XL for unique specialised camera bodies or lenses that are not compatible with their current housings or port configurations. 

- Rental houses or individuals will be able to rent out the GDome XL, given the current rental rate charged for underwater housings, this could be extremely profitable.  

The worlds first universal semi-rigid modular underwater housing

Yes, this is a loaded description so we will need to break it down for you so that you can really see the value of this universal underwater housing. 

When we say that the GDome XL is universal, we really do mean it! The GDome XL will work with almost any mirrorless / DSLR camera right out of the box (check the internal sizing chart to confirm this as cameras like Canon 1D could be too tall for our housing). You might think this is not unique as there are a number of housings that can do this. These housings are either completely 'soft' (made from a rubberised or PVC material)meaning that you can not add dome ports/lens extensions or even lights and GoPros to the housing. Whereas the 'hard' housings have extremely limited functionality (no ability to change settings or functions). Our housing is considered semi-rigid as the housing and ports are injection moulded and only the rear screen is made from a flexible membrane. Having a flexible rear screen, allows us to give the user full access to the camera's rear functionality. When it comes to modularity the GDome XL is fully customisable to your camera and lenses needs. Included in the box is a 55mm port adapter with a flat lens element as well as a 40mm dome port extension adapter and dome lens element. Our 80mm extension port (Optional Extra + $49) is fully compatible with the dome port adapter if you need a further extension to your GDome XL. 

The GDome XL ships unassembled as a modular unit in order to minimise shipping costs so that we can hopefully offer you FREE SHIPPING*. You will need to configure and assemble and adapt the GDome XL Prior to using it. If you would like us to pre-configure and assemble your unit for you, it can be done at an extra cost. 

    What's In The Box

    - GDome XL Housing

    - 1 x Universal Trigger Shutter 

    - 40mm GDome XL Dome Port Adapter 

    - 6.1 Inch Dome Lens Element 

    - Snap-On Suction Dome Lens Cover

    - 55mm GDome XL Flat Lens Port Adapter 

    - 135mm Flat Lens Element 

    - Camera Base Station With Adjustable Mounting Positions

    - Rear Side to Side Movement Elimination Plate

    - Removable Dual Side Handles

    - Wrist Strap

    - QR Code For Online Instructions & Camera Setup Guide

    - Tool Kit

    - Seal lubricant 

    - Spare Screen Membrane 

    - 1/4 Stainless Steel Camera Mounting Screw

    - 10 x Stainless Steel moulded easy turn finger thumb screws for the rear plate

    - 10 x Stainless steel alan-key bolts for the rear plate

    - 2 x Universal Trigger Baseplate Mounts. 

    What Is NOT Included

    - Solid Backdoor (optional extra)

    - No Cameras / Lenses or Accessories are included

    - 80mm Extension Tube and Flat Port (optional extra)