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It's official GoPro has just launched three new Hero11 Black action cameras 2023

It's official GoPro has just launched three new Hero11 Black action cameras 2023

The Hero 11 Black GoPro cameras feature a larger sensor, 10-Bit colour video and comes standard with the high performance GoPro "Enduro Battery"

Gopro 11 dome housing

Months of online GoPro Hero 11 rumors have finally come to an end with the official announcement of the Hero 11 Black and Hero 11 Black Mini from GoPro.

Looking for a dome for your GoPro Hero 11 Black? We have you covered!

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We will let @ChrisRogers walk you through the Hero11 Black Edition

Read more about the Hero11 Black and Mini here:

Meet the most powerful GoPro yet, HERO11 Black. Its new image sensor captures more of the scene with higher image quality, better video stabilization, + the flexibility to turn your footage into wide, cinematic clips or extra-tall, vertical shots for social media.

It features 5.3K video, 27MP photos, Emmy® Award-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization, + dual LCD screens to frame your content.

While your GoPro is charging, your shots auto-upload to the cloud + then an edited highlight video is sent to you.

✔️ Auto-Highlight Videos Sent to Your Phone

✔️ New, Taller 8:7 Sensor—Built for Social Media Sharing

✔️ Emmy® Award-Winning HyperSmooth 5.0 Stabilization with AutoBoost + 360° Horizon Lock ✔️ 5.3K60, 4K120, + 2.7K240 (8x slo-mo)

✔️ 27MP Photos + RAW Capture

✔️ 24.7MP Video Frame Grabs

✔️ 10-bit Color—Over 1 Billion Colors

✔️ Long-Lasting Enduro Cold-Weather Battery

✔️ Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m)

✔️ Water-Repelling, Removable Lens Cover

✔️ New HyperView Digital Lens

✔️ Front + Rear LCD Screens

✔️ New Night Effects

✔️ Easy or Pro Controls

✔️ Built-in Mounting Flexibility

✔️ GPS Telemetry Enabled

✔️ Mod Ready

✔️ Power Tools

✔️ Webcam Mode + Live Streaming

Gopro 11 launch dome port

The Hero11 Black, Hero11 Black Creator Edition, and the Hero11 Black Mini are the three different models that make up the new Hero11 Black camera lineup.

A larger sensor, greater resolution, 10-bit color depth, the highest level of video stabilization, and the broadest field of vision ever offered in a Hero camera are all features shared by all three cameras.

The Hero11 Black with a long-lasting battery grip with built-in buttons for one-handed camera control and more than four hours of 4K video per charge make up the Creator Edition.

We are aware that the best GoPro cameras(opens in new tab)are portable cameras that can be used anywhere.

But how does the GoPro Hero 11 series stack up against the Hero 10 Black, the finest action cameras under $400, and the DJI Action 3, which also debuted an hour earlier?

View the GoPro Hero 11 launch movies below, then read our knowledgeable analysis.

Features of each of the three Hero11 Black cameras at a glance:

  • For the widest angle 16:9 shot ever captured by a Hero GoPro camera, use the new HyperView digital lens. SuperView is now offered in 5.3K60 and 4K120 resolutions.
  • When filming while rotating completely 360 degrees, footage will remain steady thanks to HyperSmooth 5.0 technology and in-camera 360-degree Horizon Lock.
  • For capturing star trails, light paintings, and vehicle light trails, there are three new Night Effect Time Lapse presets.
  • TimeWarp 3.0 now records at 5.3K, a resolution increase of 91% over 4K and 665% over 1080p.
  • Featuring Easy and Pro settings, camera control is made simpler.
  • The Hero11 Black's Enduro Battery will increase recording times by up to 38% and improve camera performance in cold and mild climates.
  • With Hero11 Black, HERO11 Black Creator Edition, and Hero11 Black Mini, Enduro is included in the package as well as a built-in Enduro battery.











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