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The Best Surf Camera Housings for Water Photography at All Levels 2023

The Best Surf Camera Housings For Water Photography At All Levels

Photo of man surfing

So you've got the camera, you've decided which lens to use, but there's one (very critical) item you'll need before diving in is a camera surf housing that is waterproof. Your weather-sealed Nikon will not suffice, and neither will a $10 Amazon plastic bag.

Luxurious camera housings with replaceable ports, full access to buttons, and all the bells and whistles can cost upwards of $2,000 or more. Unless your camera is also that expensive, investing in such top-of-the-line technology isn't necessary. There are many of affordable, high-quality, and dependable solutions that will keep your camera dry if used properly.

What are the best waterproof phone surf housings for surfing photography?

Gdome mobile PRO

What are the best GoPro Accessories for Surf Photography?

Gopro Dome Housing

What are the best DSLR / Mirrorless waterproof surf housings for surfing photography?

Surf housing for Camera
Woman surfing

Looking for an affordable way to shoot surf photos? Don't have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera?

Definitely look into getting a surf housing for your smartphone.

Gdome Mobile Waterproof housing for Iphone

GDome Mobile Pro Edition V2 ($149)


  • Comes standard with a Dome Port at no additional cost
  • Full touchscreen compatibility
  • Compatible with almost all phones and even action cameras
  • Not model specific  


  • Not made for great depths (limited to 5m)
  • Only for iPhones (not made for Samsung and other top phone brands)
  • Model specific (the case for the iPhone 11 will not work on the iPhone 13)
Axis Go iPhone Housing

AxisGo ($199)


  • Easy in and out
  • Full touchscreen compatibility
  • Great optional add-ons like a pistol grip and dome port for a "fisheye" effect


  • Expensive for an iPhone case
  • Only for iPhones (not made for Samsung and other top phone brands)
  • Model specific (the case for the iPhone 11 will not work on the iPhone 13)

Check Amazon or B&H Photo for a price.

Check out the Pistol Grip with Trigger and the Dome Port for some excellent accessories to go with it.

Proshot iPhone Housing

ProShot waterproof phone case

ProShot iPhone cases are durable and cost half as much as AxisGo cases, but they lack the bells and whistles.

Phone Cases by ProShot ($119)


  • Less expensive than AxisGo


  • The pistol grip is missing the trigger.
  • No full-touchscreen functionality (requires app)

Check out Amazon for the best deal.

The GDome Mobile Pro V2, AxisGo and ProShot Water Housing are all excellent options to get your feet wet before investing in a "real" surf photography camera and setup. These days your phone is a supercomputer capable of capturing better photographs than many DSLR cameras on the market, plus it's lighter and easier to use as you gain confidence in the water.

At the basic level, it's more likely that your lack of skill, not your equipment, will be the limiting factor, or rather the point of difference between you and a pro surf photographer.

Shooting Surf Photography with your DSLR/Mirrorless Camera

Surf Break image
GDOME Surf housing XL

1) GDome XL ($399)
or GDome XL Surf Housing Edition ($699)


  • Affordable
  • The housing is secured with screws. It's difficult to make a mistake.
  • Comes standard with Dome and Flat Ports (other companies charge $1000 + for these alone)
  • Universal (works with a number of camera brands and lenses).


  • It is bulky to travel with.
  • Not purpose built for specific camera models.
  • Screws sealing does take time to open and close.
  • No access to camera lens or buttons on the front of the camera.
Dicapac wateproof bag

2) Waterproof DiCAPac Case ($89)


  • Affordable.


  • In a surf housing, cheap isn't always desirable.
  • No way to add dome ports or other accessories.

Check Amazon for pricing.

Outex waterproof bag

3) Outex ($324+)


  • Entry model can be upgraded to a Pro model
  • Numerous add-ons like as a pistol grip or Dome Ports
  • The Pro Model incorporates a back optical glass that allows you to fully utilize the screen and viewfinder.
  • Extremely light and portable


  • Soft silicon body is more susceptible to damage than a hard-shell housing
  • Requires good post-session habits to keep clean and functional
  • Trickier to handle than a hard-case with handles

Check Amazon for pricing.

Seafrog dive housing

4) Salted Line Water Housings by SeaFrogs/Meikon ($347+)


  • Low cost
  • Clamp system for easy camera access
  • Numerous upgrades and attachments available
  • Leak detector alarm and light


  • Doesn't have side handle
  • Camera specific
  • Lens specific

Buy here.

Aquatec surf housing

5) Water Housings by AquaTech ($1,000+)


  • Industry leaders
  • Clamp system  
  • Build quality
  • Accessories and extras


  • Clamps are more difficult to misplace than screw-down fasteners.
  • High price point
  • Camera specific - If you buy a new camera, you'll need a new housing.
SPL Water housing

6) Water Housings from SPL ($950+)


  • Because it's custom designed, you get to choose which features are important to you
  • The housing is secured with screws. It's difficult to make a mistake.


  • A custom-built camera housing, like a custom-built board, is not available off the shelf.
  • Screw system takes time to install.
  • Camera specific - If you buy a new camera, you'll need a new housing.

What Camera Housing Should I Purchase?

That relies entirely on what you want to do with it. If you want to take award-winning photos, at the very least go with a housing like the GDome, which comes standard with all the ports and lenses you will need for enhanced image quality.

If you're serious about getting into the water for the first time, consider the a GDome Mobile water housing or one of the countless other smartphone photography housings available online.

Is it Worth It to Have access to all your buttons and functions like on high-end surf housing?

If you're a photographer who enjoys having a lot of manual control over their camera settings (even when in the water), it might just be worth it for you. However, if you're still shooting with fully automated settings, you probably won't need it. Housings with screw-down closure systems, which make taking your camera in and out a bit of a mission, are one scenario where I would definitely go with a housing that give you as much access to camera buttons as possible.

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