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What is a pistol trigger grip for surf photography and how do they work 2023

What is a pistol trigger grip for surf photography and how do they work 2023

What is a pistol trigger grip for surf photography?

A handle known as a pistol grip is fastened to the housing's base. A button on the handle activates the shutter of the camera by connecting a cable to the device's "remote" connection.

Why use a pistol grip trigger when shooting?

It is simpler to swim with your housing and to position yourself into key wave sections for the finest shots when you shoot with a pistol grip because you can hold (and trigger) the camera with just one hand.

With fisheye or wide-angle lenses, where you might not always be looking through your viewfinder when shooting, a pistol grip trigger is frequently employed. Even while some photographers prefer to utilize the top shutter button for a more comfortable hold when peering through the viewfinder, you can still use a pistol grip when using longer lenses.

What distinguishes a "single-stage pistol grip" from a "two-stage pistol grip"?

A "one-press" button is present on the single stage handgun grip. With a single press, this button activates focus and the shutter.

The "half-press to focus" and "full-press to fire" buttons are part of the two-stage pistol grip. With the pistol grip, it is quite simple to use one-handed autofocusing because there is a tactile click at the halfway point and another click at the full push.

Why would I want to use a pistol grip with a single stage trigger?

The single-pistol grip is the best choice if you shoot with a manual focus lens or when using the back button to focus. You won't ever miss a snap because to its incredibly quick shuttering time.

What happens if I pair auto-focus lenses with a single-stage pistol grip?

The shutter may fire with a slight delay if you have not disabled half-press focusing (also known as "AF with Shutter" on Sony cameras), as the camera will first try to focus.

As an alternative, the camera might begin to shoot but need a few frames to lock on focus. It is comparable to swiftly focusing your camera without first clicking the shutter button.

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