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Extended Edition Mobile V2 PRO with 80mm Extension Port Combo Deal

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We took our extremely popular GDome Mobile and completely REDESIGNED it from the ground up in order to improve functionality, compatibility, ease of use and a whole load more! This is the best of the best. The GDome Mobile Pro is another level of AWESOME... Our ultimate universal housing, ready to shoot out of the box. 

Why an extension port

The GDome 80mm Lens Port Extension is used to extend the distance from your camera lens to the lens element (PDS Dome or Flat Lens). By extending the distance an additional 80mm, the water is pushed further away from the camera lens, allowing the image to effectively be "zoomed out" as if you are using a wide-angle lens without losing any image quality. The additional distance will allow you to make use of the full extent of the PDS dome port, one user has described the experience as "it's almost like having a 10-inch dome port! It is so easy to capture split shots now without having to use the wide setting on my iPhone".  

As the Extension Port acts as a massive lens hood over the camera lens, reflections are significantly reduced when using either the PDS Dome or Flat Lens Element. The team has had massive success shooting with the 80mm Lens Port Extension in poor lighting conditions. 

*Please note that this product has been developed as an 80mm extension, as all cameras/phones are different, it is impossible to accommodate the field of view perfectly while trying to maximise the split shot potential. Thus you may need to adjust the zoom level on certain cameras/phones in order to ensure you don't get any vignetting or crop any vignetting in post-production.   

New Features include: 

✅ Quicker to install with a NEW side seal system and 2 less thumbscrews for sealing up the unit perfectly every time without the use of tools or force. 

✅ Drastically improved touch functionality with full responsive touch on capacitive touch screens (as found in the iPhone 12/13).

✅ Improved screen clarity - making it easier to frame your shots in bright sunlight. 

✅ Increased internal phone storage capacity (will now fit phones up to 7.3 inches* without making the housings footprint any bigger). 

✅ NEW ultra sleek handle compatible with dive gloves. 

Meet the dome housing that you won't want to leave at home all summer, whether it's to the beach, lake or swimming pool, the GDOME MOBILE PRO is the dome that will get you the shot. We took everything that is great about the GDOME Mobile and made it just that much better. With its 7 inch dome and flat port options, the possibilities are endless.

Will my phone or external lens fit in the GDome Mobile?

The GDome Mobile will fit with ALL iPhone Models to date, including the iPhone Pro, Max and Plus variants.

iPhone | iPhone 3G | iPhone 3GS | iPhone 4 | iPhone 4s | iPhone 5 | iPhone 5s | iPhone 5C | iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6S | iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone SE | iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone 8 | iPhone 8 Plus | iPhone X | iPhone XR | iPhone XS | iPhone XS | iPhone XS Max | iPhone 11 | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 Pro Max | iPhone SE (2nd generation) | iPhone 12 mini | iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 Pro | iPhone 12 Pro Max | iPhone 13 mini | iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Pro | iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The GDome Mobile is also compatible with 99.99% of all Samsung and Huawei phones and many many more phones and brands!  

We know that there are thousands of different phone models and brands, the GDome Mobile Pro Edition should fit almost all of them!

Product Features

✅ Works with hundreds of different smartphones

✅ Compatible with action cameras including all GoPro Cameras

✅ Capture portrait shots, wide angle shots and more

✅ Capture 3D images

✅ Drastically improved rear touch functionality compatible with capacitive touch screens

✅ Works with 3rd party external filters and lenses

✅ Compatible with multiple lenses camera phones

✅ Go LIVE on social media

✅ Individually pressure tested

✅ Floats

✅ Depth Rated to 5m/15 feet

This dome works well with action cameras and most Smartphones including iPhone, Samsung and other leading brands.

What is included in the box?

  • GDome Mobile Pro Edition
  • 2 x Foam Inserts (1 pre-installed inside the GDome)
  • Side Grip (pre-installed on the GDome)
  • Allan key 
  • 80mm Extension Port 

For absolute peace of mind

We guarantee all of our products and our reviews stand testament to this. All units are hand-assembled, pressure tested and have to pass our quality control measures. We manufacture all of our products in house to ensure the best care is taken right from raw material inspection to final product testing.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition is a waterproof housing made to be used on the surface of the water. Although we have dived to 30ft plus with the GDome Mobile, this was purely for testing purposes regardless of the fact it did not leak or damage the phones.

The use of the touch membrane was not designed with great depths in mind.

The GDome Mobile was designed with the intention of being a surface waterproof housing for depths that are not deeper than 5m or 15ft.

Shipping, Customs & Duties

International distribution is something we have learned to overcome with great shipping partners.

International freight does come with its own set of challenges. As a business who has acquired all of the necessary permissions and licensing we abide by all laws and legislation. With this in mind, we cannot mark any item as a 'gift' or as other items. It is illegal to do so.

For our USA and Australian customers, there are NO duties or taxes for orders under $600.

For other countries please note that there could be import duties and taxes and that these are NOT INCLUDED in our price.

These charges vary by country and are not in our control.

We ship the GDome Mobile all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into our website.

You can use this tool to estimate additional costs.

Remember, we are the creators of GDome and GDome Mobile and not international customs, we make no money off local taxes and duties.

You can use this tool as estimates when determining additional costs in receiving our products.


They say Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

Our team makes the GDome dream possible.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, innovation and truly stand behind the products we take to the market.

Other Ways You Can Help

GDOME has established itself in the dome housing market over the last 6 years.  

Please share our content and engage with us - it helps us continue to grow!

We would love to hear from you and see your awesome GDome Mobile shots in the near future.