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Snap On Suction Scratch Saver Cover

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There is NOTHING worse than scratching your expensive dome lens element. Yes, scratches on dome lenses is a common issue faced by most regular water based photographers. While it is possible to buff out most light scratches the ultimate solution is prevention. 

The GDome Snap On Saver Suction cover is the best way to protect your underwater camera housings dome port. 

Installation is almost instant as it literally snaps into place and as the cover uses suction, there is absolutely no play (movement) between the dome and cover, eliminating any chance of getting a scratch on you dome lens element. 

*Always make sure that you keep the cover completely free of any dirt, sand or debris as these could scratch your dome lens before installation. 

The ultimate SNAP ON Cover for your GDome.

Made from high quality rubberised material, moulded to the exact shape of the GDome PDS Lens. 

The Snap On Lens uses suction to hold the cover securly, allowing zero slop / play between the cover and the GDome Lens.  

Compatible with all GDome PDS Dome Lenses. 

Included in the package: 1 x GDome Snap On Saver Suction cover