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Affiliate Program

The GDome is a truly epic device that brings a whole new perspective to water based shots.

We encourage you to think outside of the box, look for new perspectives and shoot as often as possible with your GDome.

As you are the creative mind behind your media, we give you the freedom and responsibility to create the content for our collaboration. 

This is why we only collaborate with content creators who truly love our product. 

We‘re always excited to get our products into the hands of creative minds and further explore the possibilities of GDome.

The ultimate goal of our collaborations is to get more people to notice our brand and products. 

The influence you have on your audience is what we pay for.

We find the best way to reward content creators, is through affiliate links. 

The conversions are directly measurable, so you can get the fair reward for your work.

We encourage you to be open about this deal towards your followers so they can make sure to use your affiliate link to buy a GDome product and support you at the same time. 

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