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GDOME Mobile Pro Instructions

GDome Mobile Pro Edition Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the GDome Mobile Pro Edition

Please ensure you go through the following instructions from start to finish.

Warning! ⚠️

It is the users responsibility to ensure the GDome Mobile Pro Edition is properly sealed and waterproof before use in or around water.

The GDome Mobile Pro Edition is waterproof to 5m / 15 feet do not exceed this depth.

TheGDome Mobile Pro Edition suction lens protector has been designed for your dome, do not allow sand, salt or any other debris to get inside this as it will scratch your lens.

Please rinse your GDome Mobile Pro Edition with fresh water immediately after every use.

If you do manage to scratch the lens, it is not a big problem as they polish out extremely well.

Take a look at our YouTube channel with videos showing how to polish your lens.

The rear screen is made with an extremely flexible rubber material, this material has little to no memory meaning that it will stretch and come back its original position.

While it may seem extremely thin, it is extremely strong with remarkable stretch ability without tearing.

Do not use the wrong length screws when changing domes or using the flat lens element or extension port!

Please take extreme care with sharp objects or anything that could puncture or damage the screen membrane.

We have been using and selling the GDome Mobile in some seriously rough and tough environments for close to 3 years now and do believe that there should be no way for the membrane to break during normal use.

Important note a damaged membrane will result in the dome not sealing so please treat it with care and inspect the screen before use.

Spare screens are available from our online store if you ever need a replacement.

Unboxing the GDome Mobile Pro Edition

Awesome, this means you have got your GDome Mobile Pro Edition!
Open up the box and remove the unit
Take the unit out of the box place it on your lap or on a table (ALWAYS KEEP THE SUCTION COVER ON). Place the GDome with the lens facing up on a micro fibre cloth.
Go through the rest of the contents in the box to familiarise yourself with what exactly is included.
Next up is a basic pressure test.

Open the back of the GDome, remove the blank foam insert.

Check to ensure the membrane is clear from any obstructions and always try to keep the outer sealing ring and opposing wall lubricated with silicone spray, Vaseline or O-ring lubrication (AND ALWAYS FREE OF DEBRIS AND OBSTRUCTIONS).
Close the backdoor with a little bit of speed (this will cause a slight convex shape to form on the screen. There should be no substantial force required, the top lid (with the screen and seal) should slide into the backplate. All holes should line up perfectly and you can hold the backplate down in order ensure that the unit remains closed and sealed.
You can now start putting the thumb screws in place and begin to tighten them up (finger tight) there should be no large gaps between the cover and backplate. AGAIN you do not need to over tighten this, you just need to ensure that the seal is completely compressed all the way around the unit. You can tighten the screws in any order.
Once all the screws are tightened and you can no longer see any gap between the back plate and the housing and you have a slight convex shape on the membrane, you know that you are all closed up.
Now take the palm of your hand and push down onto the membrane. The unit should not suck any air in, it should hold its shape and once you remove your hand it should return to the exact same state as before you pressed down on it. The membrane should still have a convex shape.
If in the extremely unlikely situation that you see the convex shape change at all when you push it down. You need to check that all screws have been tightened correctly if they have been centred correctly to start. If you have any questions about this, send us a message on our live chat on our website or drop us a mail at

Alright so the first test has been passed and you are ready to get your GDome Mobile Pro Edition wet!

Grab your foam insert.
Open up the dome, remembering to keep the dome on the carry bag if you want to put it down.

Put the foam insert into the dome housing.

Take a pen and mark the center of your phones camera lens to the center of the dome housing.

You can now take the foam insert out of the housing.

Push the pen through this mark and double check you have got the center.

Place the phone on the foam and stencil the outline, make sure to make where buttons are as you can add in extra space so that you finger can get to the side buttons if need be. The foam is there to hold the phone in place. If you would like you can also cut a space out for a Bluetooth remote (not needed).

Grab a very sharp blade or craft knife and start lightly cutting out the outline (RATHER CUT IT TOO SMALL THAN TOO BIG - There is no going back from too big), this is called scoring, don’t try to cut to the bottom in one go, take your time and make it neat. Once correctly cut out you will be able to place your phone in and it should hold your phone in place without activating and buttons.

Don’t throw any of these cut-outs away, they are still useful.
Open the back of the GDome up, insert the foam into the housing with the cut-outs (they will act like your phone) - it’s time for your first water test! Check to ensure the membrane is clear from any obstructions and always try to keep the sealing area lubricated with a touch of silicone spray or vaseline or O-ring lubrication (it must not be wet or dripping, the smallest amount just to reduce friction will do the job and yes it will seal and work without it, but using it will extend the life of your seal).
You can now close up the housing like mentioned before.
For the first use (DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE) try to take the unit to the maximum depth you plan on using it to (up to 5m) for as long as possible. The dome should take in absolutely no water!
You are now ready to put your phone in the housing!
Make sure the GDome is perfectly dry and open it up taking care to not get moisture in the housing (this will result in the dome fogging up). You can now place your phone in and get shooting!