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How to Shoot Half Underwater GoPro Photos (Gear + 6 Tips) 2023

How to Shoot Half Underwater GoPro Photos (Gear + 6 Tips) 2023

In this blog you'll discover how to take half-underwater images with your GoPro in this tutorial. You'll learn about three underwater shooting problems and how a dome port can help you solve them.

Half-submerged GoPro images

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  • How to Take GoPro Photos Half Underwater 
  • Want to take GoPro photos that are half underwater?
  • Isn't it difficult to perform all of that with only the GoPro? 

taking split shots with a gopro camera

Because several factors, such as the water line, field of view, and underwater magnification, are working against you.

In this article, I'll explain why a dome port makes it easier to take half-submerged GoPro photos. 

How to take split shots with a gopro 10 camera
GoPro photos taken half underwater

GoPro Dome Ports Summary
You'll need a dome port to balance things out.

Gopro dome housing for taking split shots

Find out how to get rid of GoPro lens fog.

Split shot photography with a gopro 11 camera
Photo taken with a GoPro of a half-submerged shot.

Three Issues solved by using a dome port lens for GoPro cameras

1. Viewing Angle
Push the water away from the lens to produce a good half underwater photo (also known as split-level, half and half, over under, and 50/50). The field of view is decreased when the water level comes close to the lens.

Taking a split shot with a gdome for gopro

Try holding a pen horizontally in front of your open eye with one eye closed (as if it were the water level). Because the pen is so near, you can't see anything above or below it.

Hold it out a bit further. Your field of view is enhanced by holding the pen a few inches away. When you use your GoPro with a dome port, something similar happens.

GoPro photo taken half submerged

The dome port moves the water line away from your lens, allowing you to see more above and below the water line.

how a dome allows you to shoot over under split shots with a hero 10 gopro camera

2. Issues with Water Magnification

You'll also notice that without a dome port, trying to obtain half underwater images intensifies things. This alters the appearance of images, making above-water items appear normal and underwater objects appear larger.

Science behind domes and split shots

This is a cool effect, but it's not ideal when you want everything to look even and balanced.

50 split level dome port over/under 50

how to take insane split shots with a GoPro camera
The field of view is normalized by the dome port. This means that everything will be in order both above and below the water line.

Learn more about GoPro's underwater capabilities.

3. Water Line That Isn't Level

Because you'll be working with a larger surface lens area with a dome port, capturing images will be easier.

Because the lens area is tiny, getting half underwater GoPro photos without a dome port is difficult.

To see where the water is, you must lean over the camera. It's a lot easier with the dome port. On the back of the GDome Dome Port models is a water line guide.

Over under photo using a gopro with dome lens
GoPro photo taken half submerged

Are you ready for more? Here are some tips for using a dome port to take half-underwater photographs. 

surf photography with a GoPro hero 10 and dome port lens
GoPro photos taken half underwater

What is the purpose of a dome port? Because it pulls the water line further away from the GoPro lens, a dome port makes it easier to get half submerged photographs. It also creates a buffer between the lens and underwater dirt particles.

Split pictures, over-unders, split levels, and half and halfs are all terms for half underwater images. Whatever you call them, one thing is certain: they are breathtaking.

the best gopro dome port lens split shot images

Learn more about GoPro half-submerged photography.

6 GoPro Dome Port Tips

1. Create a compelling tale.
The closer your subject is to the dome port, as shown in the accompanying photo collection, the better. Landscapes make for stunning half-submerged photographs. But, to make the story more interesting, why not include something in the foreground? A good example is the photo below. The colors and way the light reflects appeal to us. However, something in the front would improve it.

gopro hero 10 dome tips and tricks

The next image makes the eye jump around. It's more visually appealing.

Best spit shots using a gopro 10 and dome port
Having something in the foreground adds interest to the composition. Even some plants will suffice.

Half underwater images with a subject near to the camera and motion above and below the water are among the best. You'll have a fun and interesting shot if you can incorporate those aspects.

Examine each image in the collection more closely. Which ones are your favorites? Make a mental note of which components jump out to you and use them as a reference while setting up your half-submerged photographs.

2. Examine for water droplets
Water drips on a GoPro lens will degrade footage, as anyone who owns one knows. Learn how to remove water drips from your dome lens with our anti water droplet gel. Your dome port has a lot more surface area than your GoPro lens. 

3. Anti-fogging inserts
Anti-fog inserts should be installed in the dome port where your GoPro is housed. Your footage could be spoiled if you don't have them since temperature variations generate condensation, which causes fog and unclear images.

Learn more about removing GoPro lens fog.

4. Maintain the level of the dome port
Try to make sure your water line is level, like the horizon line. This will result in a photo that is less distracting.

With that in mind, a tilted water line can occasionally add intrigue.

5. Submerge the dome port halfway.
This may seem self-evident, but it's not so simple when you're bobbing around in the water. You'll get better results if you maintain your dome port half underwater rather than much above or below half.

A line on the back of our GDome dome port indicates where the water should be. That line makes things lot easier while I'm floating and focusing on the activity.

6. Use the dome port for video and underwater pictures.
A dome port, as discussed at the start of this essay, sweeps submerged dirt particles away from your lens. This improves the underwater footage.

So keep in mind that a dome port isn't just for half-submerged images. It can also be used for underwater photography and video production.

Are you motivated? Yes, we are!

Those half-underwater images fascinate us. They inspire us to get out there and start creating.

A dome port is a great addition to your GoPro mount collection. Your shots will be more intriguing if it conveys a story.

Half-submerged photographs depict two sides of the narrative. That's not something we see very often. We can normally only see above or below the sea, not both at once.

Has this article prompted you to purchase a GoPro dome port? If you've ever attempted to take half-underwater shots without one, you know how difficult it is. It's considerably easier with a dome port. 

Do you have any advice to offer? Please do so by leaving a comment on this article. Also, please tell us what kind of dome port you have.

It's your turn.

Have you tried using a dome port to capture half-submerged shots? Please leave a comment on this post to tell us about your experience.

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