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Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter For Apple, IOS And Android

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Selfie Stick Wireless Bluetooth - Compatible with Remote Control Camera Shutter for All IOS & Android Mobile Phone

Instructions to Uses
1. Pairing a) Turn on the shutter by toggling the on/off button, the shutter will enter into pairing mode, and the LED starts quickly at the same time.

B. Activate the Bluetooth compatible function on your phone and source devices around
A. Select the device from "AP Shutter 3" from the list and the splitting will be completed automatically in a few seconds.

2. Select the app Use the inbuilt camera app to take photos via APP shutter, or you can download the app from “Camera 360” from Google Play If the inbuilt camera cannot be supported, check the compatible device and the app in the following instructions.

3. Shooting Select the correct app and press the appropriate button on the shutter for IOS and Android phones to take photos.

What's in the box
1 x Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote

Please note that the bluetooth remote is not waterproof and is designed to be used inside the GDome Mobile and Mobile Pro.