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MPAC Snorkel 10m Depth Rated, (5M Under Water Touchable Function) Waterproof Smartphone Case Cellphone Underwater Case

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Please note, this is the MPAC Snorkel, not the MPAC Dive. The Snorkel does not have a dive filter included and is rated to a max depth of 10m. 
● Smartphone screen underwater touch function depth within 5m


● Smartphone underwater photography when scuba diving and freediving.

● Fixed pad: Secure your smartphone in a waterproof pack to prevent phone movement in the case / camera shake for ultra clear photography & videography.

● Neck strap: TPU material does not absorb water, providing an extremely comfortable and user friendly neck strap. 

● Compatible with all models of smartphones for under 6.5 inches of smartphones.



1. Hold the case so that the front of the touch screen is visible.

2. Open the cover of the case.

3. Remove the smartphone positioning pad from the waterproof case and secure the smartphone.

4. Open the opening and push the smartphone-fixed pad fully into the waterproof case. Push the bottom of the pad in so that the waterproof case is located at the lower end.

5. Roll out the opening in a scroll style and fasten it tightly to the shape of the yellow Velcro, followed by the white of the cover.

Please fasten the Velcro on the shape of the way it looks.



● Be sure to do a full water test before using the waterproof case with your phone.

● Take extra care when using underwater with sharp objects.

● After using the waterproof case, make sure you remove any moisture or dust completely, close the case and store it to avoid any direct sunlight.

● It is recommended that the inside of the case is kept dry to ensure that the case does not fog up. 

● Certified waterproof grade: IP68 - ISO9001 Certified 

● Underwater waterproof ability: 10m / 2 hours
● Underwater touch screen: 5m
● Material: TPU

*No phone or other accessories in the sale*