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V4 Metal Trigger Shutter System for all GoPro Cameras

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You may be asking why you need a GoPro Trigger Shutter System?

The answer is simple: So you can aim and pull the trigger / shutter release to start filming / photo-burst / stop filming!

What's new about this trigger system?
Our earlier trigger system attaches below the GoPro housing and the mechanism goes behind the camera's screen limiting your ability to view what you are recording on the rear GoPro screen. This new system allows you to view your screen unobstructed. 

The new trigger system mounts to the GDome Backplate, meaning that there is no pressure or impact on the camera / housing even in the biggest of shore breaks. 

Why metal? Simply put, metal does not break! With the added weight and size of a GDome dome port, a small wave could and most likely would snap a plastic GoPro Trigger/shutter, with our metal trigger, we guarantee it will never break when in use

Included in the box

1 x V4 Metal Trigger Shutter System for GDome PDS Dome Ports


Please note that this trigger system is made specifically for the GDome PDS Dome Ports. It is compatible with all SuperDive GDome Variations.